What are the benefits of Green Roof?

Tue 02 August 2016

Among the various roof installation materials, Green roofs play a unique role. You must choose the Green roof based on your region, climatic conditions, green roof type and design. It develops biodiversity in many ways. Green roofs maintain different types of plants and become a habitat for various types of species. It performs like a stepping stone home for migrating species and also links different species type which might be fragmented otherwise. Rubber is one of the Green roofing options which saves energy and recyclable. It does not need much maintenance like shingled roofs. To install rubber roofing in Winnipeg, you must look for rubber roofing contractors in the Winnipeg area.

It has a positive impact on three main elements such as economic, ecosystem and social. Different types of ecosystem sustain high productivity level in economic variation period than with fewer species. The stability in ecosystem assures the delivery of ecological systems such as construction, food, medicinal plants etc and also services including cleans water and air, cycle and store nutrients, continue the hydrological cycle. It positively affects the environmental and visual diversity on psychological and community goodness. For example, decrease in pollution and improvement in water quality because of Green roofs reduces the demand for health care services.

Another benefit is you can utilize the green roof as a place for urban agriculture project that reduces urban footprint because of the development of local food system. It empowers the community, enhances your self-reliance and boosts the nutrition level.

The various private and public benefits of Green roofing system are explained below.

The public benefits of Green roofing system are numerous. It enhances the aesthetic look of your home. In recent days, urban greening is promoted everywhere as one of the effective and simple strategies to beautify the built home. It also reduces waste in the country. The green roofing materials can be recycled and used again which reduces the material waste.

Green roofs reduce energy consumption that increases the Heating, ventilation and HVAC system life. It increases the quality of air. The plants which grown incarcerate air pollutants and atmospheric deposition. It refines the noxious gasses. Green roof‘s temperature moderating effects decrease the need for power plants and also reduce the amount of carbon-di-oxide and other polluted particles released by air.

The private benefits enhance the roofing membrane durability, energy efficiency, retardation to fire, noise and electromagnetic reduction. Green roofs are the good insulation which decreases the amount of energy required for a home to moderate level. Several studies have proved that using green roofs decrease your consumption of air conditioning in the summer season by 75%.

The increase in Green roof system to your home reduces the outside noise by 40 decibels and maximum use of green roofs can reduce the outside sound to 50 decibels. Another benefit of green roofs is that it has low burning heat load than the traditional roofs hence it offers fire protection and strictly follows local fire codes.

Hope you are aware of the benefits of green roofs and for roofing your new home or replacing your existing roof, you can consider Green roofing.

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