How To Care The Pet Rats?

Fri 27 October 2017

If you are passionate about having a pet rat in your home, you need to know few important things before you get your pet rodent. Rats do not live long, and the lifespan of rats is estimated around two to three years. Hence a rat care is generally rare as seen in many homes. Few of these species live around five years which is considered to be unusual. As per the famous Guinness Book of Records, a rat has survived for seven years.

The rats that are generally running through the streets are not the same type as those you get as a pet. There are many different types. Pet rats are generally cleaner than the other types, and one can easily give a potty-training to this variety. When deciding to adopt a rat, you need to realize that there is a lot of responsibility that comes with this as they are very sociable and need lots of tender loving care.

Pet rats need a cage, water, food, litter tray and chew toys for their living with a home.While buying the pet rat cages, the pet owners need to decide on the number of rats they have in their homes. They should also determine the sex ratio of these pets before deciding the right cages. The following tips will be convenient for these pet owners. Rats are extremely intelligent and can be easily trained to use the toilet in a litter tray and will continue to use this litter tray instead of the rest of the cage. As they are clean animals, it is easy for them to recognize a litter tray and use it efficiently. A non-toxic wooden chew toy is a fantastic way to do this, and there are also various other toys that could be used similarly. When selecting the rat cage, the aspect of size matters. One can use the Internet to check the cage size calculators. Also, owners can do their calculations if they are not accessible to the Internet. The cage dimensions are determined by length, breadth, and height of the cage. There are many varieties of rat cage materials available in the market ranging from galvanized wire; powder coated wire with metal and plastic. Each type has its own merits and demerits.

According to the experts, the powder-coated wire or metal cages are strongly recommended as they are considered to be low-maintenance as well as appealing to the eyes. Also, this type is highly indestructible. Experts suggest the wire-mesh cages as the best choice for various reasons. These experts strongly recommend not to go in for the plastic bottom cages as the rodents have the habit of chewing the plastic and move away easily from such cages.

When you are purchasing a rat, it is a good idea not to buy solitary rats as they can become extremely lonely so adopting them in pairs is excellent. Despite this, with consideration, you can introduce a single rat to other rats if you make an effort to do so carefully.

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