Understanding The Difference Between Auto Repair And Auto Maintenance

Tue 29 August 2017

The very best of auto repair service like Chamberlains Auto Electrician Perth cannot make your car run like butter if you do not take your vehicle for routine maintenance. An article on www.consumerreports.org/ states that most people do not comprehend that there is a huge difference between repairing a car and taking it for its scheduled service. To take away this ignorance, we will define and detail both terms for you here. Maintenance is a service that needs to be done every set time period. The time period is set as per the model of the car. Each schedule has a pre-listed item check that is given along with the vehicle. These maintenances are done to keep the vehicle in top notch form.

Routine maintenance is done by the same brand of the dealership as your vehicle. It does not have to be the one where the vehicle was originally bought. One can also schedule maintenance at a local auto repair shop. These are mostly cheaper when compared to dealerships and if you have a set shop then more trustworthy too. A warranty is not voided if the maintenance is done at any place other than a dealership. But there are inherent advantages of taking a vehicle for a scheduled service to a dealership. They not only have trained employees who know the in and out of the car model but come equipped with all the tools needed to diagnose and fix any issue that may have arisen.

But because maintenance only checks the very basics in a car even a simple auto-repair electrician is capable of doing it.

A repair, on the other hand, means taking a car to an auto electrician to fix a particular problem. A repair can range from simple things like fixing an oil leak to a complicated issue in the electronics system of the vehicle. For a repair, you can take it anywhere. If the vehicle is still under a warranty, the best option is to take it to the dealership as the manufacturer has to bear the cost of such an incident. The same applies if there is a defect in your model and the manufacturer provides the service of solving the issue.

For vehicles which are old and are not covered under warranty the place, you take it for repair depends upon the issue that has occurred. A simple problem that arises from the daily use of a car can be solved by any professional auto repair electrician. But a complicated issue may require specialized tools and equipment which a local shop may not have. In such cases take the car for repair to a dealership or a specialized repair service provider. For problems that may arise in electronics of the vehicle like navigation or multi-function control system, a dealership is the best solution for the repair because such issues are either specific to a model or the brand of the automaker.

Be it repair or maintenance both are vital in keeping a car in its top performing status. Therefore, schedule services as stated in the owner's manual and take the vehicle for immediate repairs if any issues occur.

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