Sun Salutations-Not One To Be Taken For Granted!

Sat 08 July 2017

Often, even those who practice yoga seem to take sun salutations for granted. People often fail to recognize the deeper meanings of sun salutation. It is to be done with more profound meditation, and the yogis need to put more soul into the practice. The word salutation comes from the original Sanskrit word ‘namaskar.' It means to bow down as a way of expressing respect towards the ‘ soorya’(sun). You could learn more about sun salutations from the renowned yoga guru’s blog Recently the fitness expert had also published an article about the importance of sun salutations in boosting one’s health and fitness.

Simplicity At Its Best The beauty of surya namaskar or sun salutation lies in its inherent simplicity. It brings together spiritual, mental, physical and emotional phases of one’s deeper mind into one common point. It does not involve any complex postures. It is a much more soulful process of respecting the power and energies of the sun. It helps one open up his/her body and prepare it for much deeper yoga practice sessions. A rush of positive energy fills up in your body if you start each day with a sun salutation early in the morning. This positive energy remains in the body until the time you retire back to sleep by night. You would be able to think more clearly, concentrate on your work or studies well, and remain calm and composed even in tough situations. In simple words, it helps you have a firm grip on your mind and soul and ushers in the positive spirits of serenity in your mind.

Magical Powers Of Sun Salutation Sun Salutation is a complete practice by itself. It need not necessarily be followed by other poses. Some people start the day with a sun salutation and then proceed with other yoga poses. But many yogis just do the sun salutation on a regular basis and do not follow it with other postures. It is done in a steady sequence of various opposing actions. The front body offerings and the forward folds that follow it gives the opportunity to stretch your body and absorb in the positive energies of sun and nature. A surya namaskar is believed to blend all the counter poses and hence is considered as a complete balanced diet for the soul.

Look Into Yourself The beautiful practice of sun salutations helps one to look into their innate souls. It helps one discover oneself. It helps you to press the pause button in your busy, hectic work schedules and look into yourself. It helps us discover the deeper rhythm of the entire body movement and meditation. It stimulates the awakening of souls and instills devotion and good virtues in us. The flow of positivity takes place within us and not on the outer shell. Thus, in short, it transforms a person into a much better, compassionate and pure soul.

This, sun salutations are never to be brushed off as just a simple warm up session or beginning of yoga sessions. It a complete, enriched process which uplifts souls. Give it its due respect and time and just see the positive transformation it makes to you!


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