What You Need To Know When Buying Plants From An Online Retailer

Fri 17 February 2017

Most of you might be plant-lovers whose hobby is to grow different types of trees. There are many others who would also love planting but are confused about where to buy the plant from. Should they buy from the market or from online where you get to choose from varieties of plants? But for buying from a market, you need to get to the market. There are times when you won’t find the plant you are looking for. But through online there is not even a chance you wouldn’t find what you are looking for. Read more to learn about online shopping.

Sites like www.rhs.org.uk warn people to be careful while buying plants through online. This is because some sites may show a picture of a well-grown plant and give details of what conditions the plant would grow in but there are some who would give very little information about the plant, making it harder for you as you wouldn't know if you are getting the plant worth your money. Some may get scared about the way they would be packaged.

People who have bought plants from online retailers have shared their experiences in this article.

Some people have told that they have received the package within two weeks. The plant was kept inside a big box, and on opening the box, they found their plants carefully packaged to protect them from any kind of damage. Each plant was boxed individually, and for extra padding, large plastic air pouches were kept inside the box. The plants were shipped in soil. A thick plastic shrink wrap was used to hold the soil.

But certain conditions can alter the growth of the plant. During springtime, it’s ideal for planting plants. During other seasons, it's best to pot the plants in a container and place it near a window. On warmer days it's best to put the plants outside for few hours. Increase the time gradually until you are able to put it outside for the whole night. Most people have put their pots inside a plastic bin which keeps the water from running all over the place.

Some sites even provide catalogs that offer photographs of beautiful flowers and bountiful crops. Buying plants from the net have made it more convenient for gardeners to purchase the plant from the comfort of their home.

There are certain factors you need to know before placing an order through the net.

· Check whether they have specified the size of the plant. You need to remember that if the plants are larger in size, they may take longer time in getting established.

· After the plant is delivered to your place, you need to remove the packaging immediately.

· A tree or a shrub needs to be planted as soon as possible.

· Weather conditions should be favorable for planting bare-root plants or otherwise they might dry out.

There main problem one faces while ordering plants through net the main one being that they cannot see what they are buying. So you must buy from sites which have a good reputation. And remember, it is not ideal for buying plants during hot summer months.


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